Nano Pars Sharif

Danesh Bonyan Sharif Nano Pars Company is one of the pioneers in the field of nanotechnology in the country, which, using the results of years of study and research by researchers in the field of nanotechnology, is an important step towards production and development of nanocoatings and general and industrial surfactants. Removed with unique properties.

Sharif Nano Pars Company was the top technology unit in 2012 and also has a certificate of approval from Nano Master, one of the knowledge-based companies approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology, has a certificate of approval of properties from Sharif Research and Development Complex (Sharif University of Technology) And approval from industrial research centers.

Now, with the unremitting efforts of those involved in the collection in various scientific and executive departments, the production of surface cleaners for a variety of applications according to market needs along with research and development of new cleaners from other services can be Mention is made of the company, which is done by using technical knowledge and specialized forces

Sharif Nano Pars has the official approval of the Special Headquarters for the Development of Nanotechnology with a staff consisting of specialists from Sharif University of Technology and is the first manufacturer and executor in the production of nano coatings, including: Waterproof (super hydrophobic) coatings, antibacterial, thermal insulation, anti-corrosion and nano detergents without the need for washing with water, environmentally friendly and dustproof.