Wheel Clean Profi

Wheel Clean Profi


Wheel Cleaner Profi is an alkaline cleaner with a very high quality. Profi wheel cleaner is specially designed for professional users and is used for use in car polishing workshops, car washes and truck washes, etc. This product takes very little time to clean, so you can work with it quickly and efficiently. This product can be used in different ways to polish different materials such as steel and aluminum. Strong acids are commonly used to clean rims that have an unpleasant odor and can even affect and damage car tires. Profi wheel cleaner has a pleasant smell and does not have a negative effect on your wheels.

1000 L canister: 4620

Professional cleaner

Greenish aqueous cleaner

Suitable for all alloy and steel wheels.

PROFI wheel cleaner has a strong dirt- and grease-dissolving effect, even on stubborn dirt such as brake dust or oil residues. Drying of the solution on painted surfaces – especially in direct sunlight – should be avoided.

Spray the undiluted concentrate onto the rims with a pump sprayer. Then rinse with clear water.