Sediment on Valves


Suitable for sinks, faucets and fittings. Ideally applied on stainless steel surfaces in home and industrial kitchens.

Quick cleaner of lime deposits on valves
Fragrant smell with fruit essential oil
Corrosion protection
 Compatible with hand skin

1000 L canister: 0630

Mild sanitary fresh-smelling cleaner

Red liquid, fresh-smelling

pH value (conc.) = approx. 3
pH value (1%) = approx. 2

Modern, fresh smelling sanitary cleaner with fruit acid. It does not only remove lime scales fast and effectively, but also disperses them to become microfine and in this way it allows cleaning without leaving residues. Corrosion-protective, maintaining properties for valuable chromium fittings. Striation-free surfaces also on enamel, ceramics, and glass. Dust-binding residues are not left. Cleaning with this sanitary fresh-smelling cleaner leaves a pleasant, long-lasting, fresh odour and is especially skin- and material-friendly.

Sanitro is concentrated and should be diluted with water from 1:5 till 1:70.

Do not use as a concentrate for marble and other acid-sensitive products materials.